Saturday, November 19, 2011

Disney Poster, by the Decades

Back in July, I posted a faux "Disneyland Poster" from the opening dedication ceremonies.  I had created this image about 5 years ago for a school project.  (I will repeat here, that this is not an actual Disneyland poster)

Much to my surprise, this post has become the most visited post in the short history of this blog.  (My many thanks to those who appreciate and visit (and copy) my work).

The volume of visits made me think, if I had to create a new poster, what would it look like? Those thoughts have been in my head for a couple of weeks, and I did finally come up with an idea.

Here is my latest poster idea... I put it together in about 4 hours with images I could easily create or access.  It was not part of a graded school assignment, nor did Disney contact me with a business proposal to create this, so some of the graphics are a bit rough.  (I am unemployed, so a Disney offer would certainly be welcome!!!)

This is MY Disney Decades Poster.  Each decade, from the 1920's thru the 2000's are represented in a singular element within this poster, however, only the realms of Disney that are part of my own life are represented (sorry, Marvel).  Look for different elements that represent animation and parks to be featured...

Disney Decades Poster (1920s thru 2000's)

I am gonna open this post to my readers.  Can YOU figure out which element represents which decade?  If you'd like to participate, just comment below with your response (PLEASE RESPOND WITH AN ANSWER FOR ONLY ONE DECADE---I'd like to give everyone the opportunity to respond, so I will delete multi-decade responses---however, if you think you are uber-knowledgable, once someone else has added a response, I will accept your next reply)

Decade Icons:  (UPDATED 25 June 2012)
  • 1920's- The "pie eye" classic 1928 Mickey face [Trevor]
  • 1930's- wavy music bars from the 30's Silly Symphonies [Trevor]
  • 1940's- Sorceror Mickey hat from 1940's Fantasia
  • 1950's- Disneyland's "D" logo; opened July 1955
  • 1960's- E-Ticket "Castle Background" existing on only for '66-67 ticket books.
  • 1970's- WDW original logo globe; opened in Oct 1971 [flymetothemoon]
  • 1980's- Original Rainbow Castle logo from BVHV [Pixie Pebbles]
  • 1990's- Pixar Ball from "Luxo, Jr", the short shown before 1995's "Toy Story".
  • 2000's- Disney Parks cheesy balloon from 2008's "Celebrate Today" promotion.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Birthday Surprise at Mickey's House

Seven years ago, a school assignment asked us to design a fictional residence.  Ideas from TV, movies, and books were used by everyone, well, everyone except for me.  I chose to create a functional version of Mickey Mouse's House.  Despite living in southern California, and visiting Disneyland hundreds of times... I spent the holidays that year in at Walt Disney World, and took dozens of photos of (the now extinct) Mickey House in Mickey's Toon Town Fair.  Fundamentally, the houses on both coasts were the same, but in actuality they were quite different---and neither were truly functional---where did Mickey take a bath?

Eighty-Three years ago today, November 18th, Mickey Mouse made his premiere in Steamboat Willie.  In honor of his birthday, I am sharing my sketch of Mickey's house (a mash-up of both versions)

Mickey's Toon Town House

H A P P Y   B I R T H D A Y,  M I C K E Y ! ! !

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Disneyland Mountains: Mountain Range

So, I have not yet included Grizzly River Rapids, as that is not part of "Disneyland"... but it is being considered.  As the Radiator Springs range nears completion, GRR is becoming more important to include.  Perhaps I will revisit BTMRR, GRR and Radiator Springs soon in order to complete the Resort Mountain Range.  Until then, here is the larger, poster sized version of the image above
Click on this for FULL SIZE

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Disneyland Mountains: Splash Mountain

This was probably the attraction that I most anticipated as it was being built.  Perhaps because it was the biggest build after my tenure at the park.  Perhaps because I am sentimental toward the America Sings characters that inhabit the attraction. Perhaps it was because it ran months late in opening.  Today, I don't always ride it because I have gotten too old to get soaked each visit, but it is still a favorite... and the drawing is my most favorite in this series.
Splash Mountain, 1989