Sunday, October 18, 2015

Disneyland Celebrations (Part 5: 06--15)

Part 5 is least favorite of my Disneyland Celebration posts...

At this point, most of the promotional themes are generic "Disney Parks" themes...nothing unique to honor Disneyland (or conversely, Walt Disney World) except notable anniversary years.

The entire DISNEYLAND CELEBRATION set of images
are available at my website page:

2006-2007 Year of a Million Dreams

2007-2008 Where Dreams Come True

2009-2010 What Will You Celebrate?

2011-2013 Let the Memories Begin

2013-2015 Show Your Disney Side

2015-2016 Disneyland Diamond Celebration (60 Years)

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  1. Hi Christopher,
    I was Googling how to date old paper Disney coupons and came across your site. You obviously love Disney and have put in a lot of effort. I am also a fan and also live in Portland. Just wanted to say good job and great effort.