Saturday, October 15, 2011

Disneyland Mountains: Matterhorn

As a designer, I love creating "bigger" projects merely by duplicating a single good idea.  Perhaps you have figured that out, as I have already presented a series of graphics based on Ticket Books, Castles, and Small World Sun icons.  I have had a real world version of the clocks on the right side of this blog, representing the time at each park, in my own home for over a decade (yes, back in the days before Hong Kong, even).

So, as I was experimenting with graphic design and needed a source of inspiration, I looked toward Disneyland.  First, a small image to tease:
First let me say, this series of the Disneyland Mountain range was done years ago, in an effort to experiment with some different drawing and computer skill sets I was developing. Each are done slightly different, and three of which I love and adore... You'll figure out which is less successful in the next few weeks.

So here is Disneyland very first iconic mountain:  the 1959 classic, Matterhorn Bobsleds
Matterhorn Mountain, 1959


  1. Great job! I love seeing your work, very inspiring and professional.

  2. Thanks... I appreciate your appreciation!!!