Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Disneyland Sign Update

The Disneyland Sign/Marquee has always been one of my favorite Park icons ever since my youth.  A visit inside Disneyland was at best, a once a year occurrence, but driving on Harbor Blvd past the sign was a much more frequent happening.  I posted the history of the sign in my July and August posts, my way of visiting the sign now that I live 1000 miles away.

In September, I was able to make the trek to Anaheim, and I made a point of stopping by the pedestrian sign that I have been posting on my blog... only to find it behind construction barricades.

Thanks to the web, I have found new pictures of the sign, fresh with a new coat of paint and some minor changes, ready to welcome the upcoming holidays and the major upgrades at California Adventure in 2012.

I have updated the original blog post HERE. However, here is a preview of the new look:
Disneyland Sign 2011
The confetti and balloons are gone.  The support posts are now painted green for the first time, matching the existing light posts in the area.  A blue and white line flows along the entire banner "ribbon" to match the type coloring.  This is a pretty boring look, but I think it is more appropriate for Disneyland than the previous Disney Parks hoopla.

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  1. Wow! You're fast...that picture just posted yesterday! Thanks for keeping everyone in the loop as soon as possible! :)