Saturday, August 20, 2011

Disneyland Sign 2000s

Last in a Series of Five
A new Century brought a new Disneyland and a new Disneyland Sign.  Because of multiple parking locations, including the new Mickey & Friends Parking Structure, and the expansion to "Resort" status due to the new Disney California Adventure, Downtown Disney, and Disney's Grand Californian, a single Sign would no longer be as relative or important.

(FYI. I am focusing my design on the pedestrian sign, located off Harbor Blvd, as it sits near where the previous signs once stood)

Also, this new sign is less of a photographic icon than the previous versions, so it becomes harder to find image references and proper time frames for each variation.  Updates, corrections and reference images are welcome anytime.

Disneyland Sign, 2000-2001
Sadly, with the Resort status upgrade, the classic Disneyland font was removed from the newest Disneyland sign.

Disneyland Sign, 2001-2003
 With the opening of California Adventure, the sign became Orange County orange.

Disneyland Sign, 2004-2007
Thankfully, the font was returned to the classic style, just as the Park headed into it's "Golden" 50th Anniversary, during 2004-2005.  For 2006-2007, the 24 month "Year of a Million Dreams" logo was included.

Disneyland Sign, circa 2008(?)
The Park and Sign were dressed up with giant purple leaves, for a short period of time, however I can't pinpoint the exact time frame.

Disneyland Sign, 2009
For the "What Will You Celebrate" campaign in 2009, the sign got a balloon and confetti makeover.

UPDATE:  Monday, October 10, 2011

Disneyland Sign, 2011
Unveiled in October 2011 was this newest version.  No confetti or balloons and a slight color alteration to both the posts and banner.

(Images are for historic illustration purposes only) 

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  1. My favorite sign is the one from 2004-2007. It looks very magical and pixie like! :)