Sunday, August 21, 2011

it's a small world (9 & 10) SUN-day

So this is the final post of this 5-part series and I have a lot to say about these two images.

First off, a bit of history.  North America/USA played host to the first three versions of this attraction (New York World's Fair '64, Disneyland '66, Magic Kingdom '71), so as the host region trying to be a good host, there was never a strong North American presence in the ride other than perhaps the minimal North Pole, Canadian Mountie, totem pole, and Finale appearances.

In 1998, I had my first International Small World experience in France.  Since the States where no longer the host, an entire North American segment featuring Broadway, Hollywood, and American West (cowboys & indians) were totally new to me and I loved it. The addition of this part attraction to the recent update of the Anaheim version is not as appreciated. (I prefer being gracious hosts, and I really miss the original Oceania area).  So below is the "newer" North American Sun.

The final Sun in this set is the Finale Sun.  The Finale, featuring elements from the entire attraction, thus the entire world, are dressed in attire that matches what was worn in the regional areas of the attraction, but in various shades of White (with soft Blues and Yellows).  The Finale room also features a sibling Moon.  During the Small World Holiday overlay, the Sun is replaced with a Christmas style ornament, appropriate for the holiday theming.  For a few years, the Finale Sun was not returned to its original location during the off-holiday season, but since its major rehab, the happy Finale Sun shines brightly over the attractions exit flume.
[Top] North America [Bottom] Finale

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