Saturday, August 27, 2011

Disney Castle Parks: Disneyland

Let me say this up front: I hate the "Disney Parks" homogenization of the 11 current Disney theme parks. Each park is unique and different...even the five Magic Kingdom, castle style parks have their own personality and vibe.  By creating that "One Disney" umbrella term for all the parks, it has done nothing but help to water down the special magic that each park has unto itself.

Don't get me wrong, I still have my personal favorites, as I am sure most of you do, as well, but favorite or not, I still enjoy each and every park on its own merits.

I can also enjoy that which is similar, as well.  I am not so jaded as to also understand and appreciate similarities.  By my way of thinking, there are three distinct classification of Disney Parks: Castle Parks, Studio Parks, and Unique Second Gates (some of which were immediate hits; some that need to grow into their success)

My way of simultaneously celebrating the similarities/differences of the Castle Parks will be this "Disney Castle Park" series.  We start with the original, Disneyland, which is my favorite for obvious reasons... I am from Anaheim myself, I grew up with it, I worked there, I helped lower the drawbridge during the 1983 New Fantasyland dedication, Walt built this one...
Disneyland's Castle

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