Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Defined by Disneyland

I am an Anaheim native... and a former Disneyland cast member... I assume you have figured that out by now.   If not, you are now informed and can now cast your vote as to whether Disneyland is my (A) hobby; (B) cult; or (C) fetish(?)

I initially started this blog because I had created dozens of Disney inspired graphics over the last several years and sought a place to display them.  Obviously, I showed off everything I had to offer at the time,  between June 2011 and November 2011, therefore recent posts have been rare (at best).

I have continued to be inspired, despite my blog absence, by several other blog sites I visit weekly and as a result, I have a few newly created graphics that I personally enjoy.  I will roll them out over the next few weeks, as a Thank You to everyone who has continued to visit my site regardless of a lack of new items...

Here is my idea for a canvas print...  it probably won't be manufactured, as it really highlights Disneyland as it pertains to my own experiences.  Regardless, I hope you can appreciate the time-places-images that are represented herein!

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