Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Star Wars Sequel Trilogy Announced

Today is the day it was announced that Disney bought LucasFilm, et al., and is intending to release the third trilogy of films that George Lucas once claimed he envisioned, to complete the film series (only to deny the third trilogy ever existed, as the prequel series was released).

I came up with some of my own ideas on what we might expect when Episodes 7, 8 and 9 are released in 2015, 2018 and 2021, respectively.

STAR WARS Episode VII: The Mickey-clorian Jedi
In this episode, we find out that Mickey Mouse was also foreseen to have a high midi-clorian level, thus explaining why he has been in Disney Parks as a Jedi Master all these years.  This was discovered after having a blood-type test following a freak vacation accident that occurred on a Star Tours flight planned to visit both the Disneyland Coruscant Resort and the Naboo DisneySea Resort.  Meanwhile, Oswald discovers he is related to Jar-Jar and decides to disappear once again and hides out in Yoda's vacant Degobah swamp.

STAR WARS Episode VIII: The MARVELous Lightyear Rebellion
A new Death Star is being built by Darth Zurg, and Jedi Mickey hires Tony Stark, who is now the Millennium Falcon's new captain, to transport himself and dozens of Buzz Lightyear clones to destroy Death Star 3.0 before it is too late.  One challenge that faces the Rebel Force... Death Star 3.0 has topography, dubbed Space Mountains, of which there are 5 significant peaks (possibly 6 peaks by 2018)

STAR WARS Episode IX: Last Days of CG-PIO and IGR-D2
C3PIO and R2-D2 are becoming obsolete and sadly, no amount of Jedi skills can help save them from certain doom. (C3PIO will likely be 100% CG for this film and R2-D2 will be reprogrammed in a significant Iger upgrade)  They decide to utilize an escape pod and eject into space without knowing where they might end up, rather than face dismantling.  They end up traveling for a Long Time, thus ending up Far, Far Away from their known universe, crashing onto Earth in the future, and befriend a native "droid", Wall-E.  We also find out that Oswald had foreseen this, and had stowed away on the escape pod, and becomes the Emperor of this new fledgling world.  (Door is wide open for a 4th Trilogy...)


  1. Ok.. I'm so going to see "episode 8" LOLOL... that sounds fantastic!

  2. George, err, I mean Bob---I think we have a candidate for a S(whatever)trooper cameo!!!

  3. You're so creative!!! Love them all! :)