Friday, June 17, 2011

Casey Jr + 45

I was 3 or 4 years old, so it was sometime during the late, late 60's.  I know for a fact it was before my sister was born, as I can vaguely recall being babysat solo, in an apartment building complex that predates her...

I had, as a small child, a record player.  (For those of you too young to recall records, it was a black disc, larger than a CD or DVD, from back in the day.)  My child's record player could operate at both 33 1/3 speed for full length albums AND 45 RPM (rotations per minute) speed for smaller records.

I "owned" a 45 RPM record of Casey Jr (from Dumbo).  First off, no 4 year old "owns" anything.  Secondly, no 4 year old should own vinyl of any size... it's too easy to damage.  (For you younger folk, records are like CDs, but if you touch them at all, you likely damage them...)

So what do ya think happened to my copy of Casey Jr?  No bonus points, but yes, I managed to actually break to disc...  physically break the disc...  in fact, I only recall playing the disc by skipping the broken part.

I came across an online image of the record jacket AND the record itself recently... so I cleaned up the images AND "broke" the record as near as I can recall it, and so I am posting my version here in order to share with you my childhood...

A broken 45 RPM Casey Jr record, as I recall it nearly 45 years later!

Casey Jr Audio Link 

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