Monday, September 5, 2011

Other than Labor Day

Instead of celebrating today's US Holiday, today's date, September 5th, has quite a long running history with me, particularly as it pertains to Disney.

If you have read some of my previous posts, you might already know my favorite Disney character is Pluto.  Today happens to be his 81st Birthday.  (Or 17 in dog years.  I was 17 when I became a cast member at Disneyland.)

You might also already know that another of my favorites is Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.  He is approximately 62 weeks older than Mickey Mouse, but also celebrating his 84th Birthday today.  (Honestly, he doesn't look a day over 7, don't ya think?)

Another big event that occurred on this day, 33 years ago, was the first day of 8th Grade.  Presumably, it was on that day I met my Best Friend for the first time... or at least heard her name on the roll call for the first time.  (My memories might be a bit vague, but I do recall we sat one in front of the other from day one... perhaps she can share her memories about this in the comments section.)

We would go on the see "The Fox and the Hound" in theaters on its original release, sport matching Mickey Mouse t-shirts, visit Disneyland together a zillion times, and share her first Walt Disney World visit.  She represents a little bit of Tinkerbell's sass, Mulan's identity search, Mrs. Potts' comfort & guidance, and Minnie's sweetness & friendship. (Beast's Library in the Sorcerer's Workshop within DCA's Animation Building revealed she was definitely Mrs. Potts, definitely.)  Little did either of us know at the time, that we really would become "friends forever", just like Tod and Copper.

So, that is what I am gonna celebrate, on this day... rather than the 47th occurrence of Labor Day of my life.

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  1. This is the most amazing post EVER (and this is my favorite picture)!!! As I remember correctly, we were sitting one in front of the other and as a matter of fact you were in front of me! Mrs. Knapp was our teacher, I think. :) Since then we've created many AMAZING memories together, to say the least. You are my BEST friend and I know that we'll continue to make many more wonderful memories together! Love you FOREVER! Your Pixie Pebbles