Saturday, July 23, 2011

Disneyland Sign 1950s

 First in a series of Five
The first Disneyland Sign wasn't as iconic as it has become today.  In fact, the first Disneyland Sign was nothing more than a roadside Billboard.  I find it interesting that during the early years, official access to the Hotel was through the Park's parking lot, as noted by the small add-on sign located below the billboard.
Disneyland Sign circa 1955

Future posts will include different versions of the iconic sign, helping to document noticeable changes, big and small, including alterations and updates in the tag line.  My reference has been taken from my own photos and from photos viewed on the web.  I frequently used the schedule information posted on the marquee portion of the sign to identify dates wherever possible, but welcome any additional info to fill in gaps or to correct details.

(Images are for historic illustration purposes only) 

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