Saturday, July 9, 2011

Disneyland Ticket Books 66-67

For just 2 years, the traditional Globe ticket paper was replaced with a new Castle background.  This was likely an attempt to make the tickets differ from previous ticket books, because it was at this time that the A to E tickets became E to A tickets, for the first time making the A Tickets full sized and the E Tickets now became the smallest sized tickets.  The E ticket, the most popular, was likely moved to the front of the ticket book for easy accessibility.  This made the new E tickets the same size as the previous A tickets.
Ticket Book 1966 Reproduction
Smaller E Tickets and larger A Tickets on a new Castle background.

Ticket Book 1967 Reproduction
In 1967, the D and E Tickets were raised in price to .60 and .75, respectively

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