Monday, July 18, 2011

Map Monday: Disneyland Historically

I have a background as a Disneyland Cast Member (and Anaheim native), map maker, and graphic artist...

That being said, I have been researching Disneyland history, records, and other details for the past decade or so.  To date, I have created a visual record of Disneyland history, which I am very close to having complete.  The Saturday series I have started, first with the ticket book history, and in the near future with a Small World tribute, and later with a Disneyland Marquee Sign history will soon have the ultimate history graphic series sharing the entire layout of the original park.

To generate a little bit of interest, at this time, I have compiled the most basic map images from those maps I have created from the years 1955, 1975, 1995, and potentially 2015... each 20 years apart from each other... just as a tease, for you, my reader.

I will be posting, in the near future, a map for each and every year of park operation, not just these 20 year leaps.  How the park evolved, and how the original elements are still identifiable and how important original items are still visible will be represented.  I am still trying to figure out how to best represent the details I want to share, so bear with me... and please feel free to ask questions and offer suggestions...!!!
Click on image to view full size

So the finished series will have a lot more detail, let me know what details you wanna see by posting a reply on this blog below and I'll see how I might incorporate your interest/request.  And look for this series to begin its 50+ week run beginning in about late August/early September right here on this blog!


  1. Christopher, just saw this, and would be interested in helping you out. It could be fun to make these different maps and years interactive.
    Of course it would be a slow process....


  2. This is a rather interesting project. I am anxious to see the finished result. It would be awesome as a sort of interactive map. Nice work so far, it was a kick to run through it.