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Disneyland Sign 1960s (& early 70s)

Second in a Series of Five
In 1958, Disneyland got its Famous Sign.  Near the Harbor Blvd. entrance to the parking lot, the new Disneyland Sign (and marquee) greeted everyone on their way in to the park.  Even Disneyland Hotel guest were directed through the lot (I suppose it was the easiest and most direct route from the Freeway to the Hotel...)  Black letters on a white marquee informed passers-by on the current Park operating hours and special entertainment offerings.  This sign, with a yellow "D" lasted without change for over a decade.
Disneyland Sign (1958-1971ish)

Sometime in the early 70's (btwn 71 & 74), the white marquee with black letters got an upgrade.  A new larger black sign with letters matching the existing yellow accents of the larger sign was installed.

This full Black & Yellow version of the sign, from the early 70s is my favorite version of the sign.   
Disneyland Sign (1972-1974)

Around 1975, the yellow letter "D" (and I assume, all the letters,) got replaced with a new white version of its former self.  The matching tag line portion, formerly reading "Park & Hotel - Entrance", was also replaced for the first time.  Since the Park was heavily celebrating the Bicentennial, with a new parade and patriotic attractions, for two full years, the tag portion of the sign read "America On Parade".
Disneyland Sign, circa 1975-76
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